It is simple: a hunter needs a good hunting backpack that he can trust. However, finding the right one is no easy task. Say, you want the Best Bow Hunting Backpack; there are a lot of researches involved for sure. The following handy guide aims to provide you a shortcut to find an awesome hunting backpack you need.

Types of hunting backpack

The type of hunting backpack you choose depends on various factors. For example: what weapon you use for hunting? What type of target do you hunt? How long will your hunting trip be – short or long?

For example: A bow hunting backpack is designed with bow hunters in mind; it often comes with a designed strap for bow cam and an arrow quiver. Those for rifle shooter should have fold-out boot for the rifle/ a gun holder. Certain backpack models can carry both the bow and the rifle. And bird hunters will require different features compared to moose hunters.

In general, you can choose a basic backpack or a specialized backpack.

A basic backpack is the standard, lightweight one that should have enough room and pocket for the weapon, ammunition, water bottle and essential stuff for a short expedition; it can also double up as a sleeping bag. A specialized backpack is more durable, roomy and designed with lots of features for particular hunting needs and weapon.


  • Traditional: these are standard, lightweight backpacks that mainly have room for the essentials only. They do not have lots of features.
  • Top Loading: these backpacks often come with internal frames and provide good support against your body; they are suitable for long-distance expeditions. The downside: it is hard for you to reach down to the bottom.
  • Panel Loading: they are designed for good access and organization of a lot amount of gear.


The ideal material/fabric for hunting backpacks should be durable, lightweight, quiet and water proof and, if possible, breathable.

  • Durable: it is quite obvious because hunting often occurs in rugged terrain under all kinds of weather. So a study, tear-resistant and UV-resistant backpack is essential.
  • “Quietness”: basically, hunters need backpacks that do not give away their location as they move around or draw near their target.
  • Being lightweight: hunters already have lots of gear to carry; they do not need heavy backpacks that add to their burden.
  • Water repellency: depend on the materials, they can be water resistant or water proof. No hunter wishes to get caught in the rain with unusable equipment and wet clothes; plus a wet backpack weights a lot more.
  • Breathability: this feature is mostly available in new materials. Hunters love backpacks that can breathe and release moisture, especially when they feel sweaty all over after a long day of walking carrying a heavy load around.

These are various materials for hunting backpacks: leather, canvas, nylon and other synthetic materials. Each material has its pros and cons. For example: nylon is strong, durable, waterproof but not really quiet. Leather is an expensive, durable material that requires proper maintenance to last.


This should be a key point to look for when buying a hunting backpack. Carrying a heavy backpack that does not fit your body size is very uncomfortable: you will surely feel the pain on your limbs after a long walk.

The backpack should come with padded sand adjustable traps across the hip, shoulder, waist and chest. Proper ventilation is also required.


Hunters need backpacks that are camouflaged so that they can blend into the hunting environment; they will stay away from colors that make them standout. An ideal backpack should have different color pattern changes.


With lots of stuff to pack, especially for long expeditions, spacious backpacks are always welcome. That is the same with pockets: they are easily accessible and very helpful for organizing things.

It is recommended that you buy a backpack that can hold more than the gear you need. A very tightly-packed backpack will make you feel very uncomfortable.


A hunting backpack is an essential item for any hunter. It must be reliable and be of high-quality. So it is best to buy from a well-known brand that provides good warranty and customer support.