There is no doubt when saying that walking is one of the most natural outdoor sport of individuals now. It is sure that a qualified pair of shoes is indispensable for this sport. Wrongly choose the improper pair of walking shoes is the serious disaster which can lead you a lot of injuries. In order to choose the Best walking shoes for men, particularly The best walking shoes for men 2016, should you spend time scrolling down the following article.

Do Not Too Mean

Actually, you may think that putting a large amount of money on a pair of walking shoes is too wasteful, but this is completely worth investing. Your walking shoes may be quite expensive but if this sum is less than the budget you have to pay for doctor for injury treatment, we are sure that all of you will agree to select the luxury one.

Choose The Reputable Brand

The best method to choose the proper pair of walking shoes is going to the sore which only specialize providing the sport shoes. At these stores, the seller may be very knowledgeable as well as can be able to offer you the best consultancy.

Calculate The Feet Size

You may sure about your feet size but the best recommendation is that try to measure it again when you trying on a new model. The feet size is said to change with time and ages, so the accurate measurement seems to be the most significant ways to choose the proper device for the process of practicing. Should you bear in mind that try to wear the shoes with both feet and walk around in order to gain the most comfortable feeling? The shoes can be wider, but it can bring you the flexibility as well as great comfort, it is totally acceptable.

Change The Shoes Based On The Certain Period

According to the advice from the seller, it is essential for the walker to change their shoes after completing a distance from 500 to 700 km. it is thought that after a long time is use, the friction resistance of the shoes sole will be considerably reduced. As a result, in order to ensure the great safety, it is better for you to take the new ones.

Do Not Chase With The Fashionable Trend

Currently, on the market now, there are plethora of walking shoes advertisement, which bring the consumers the serious confusion. In reality, there is no advertisement with the highest correctness. A standard walking shoes need to offer the maximum support for the players during the process of walking. Try to choose as many as possible and figure out the one with the state of the art quality. Do not chase the fashion trend without ignoring the quality as an eye- catching walking shoes without good standard may not completely help you reduce the serious injury. It even leads to a lot of serious pain during the time you walk.


The shoes recommended for runner who basically have low to normal arches or those who are mild tomoderate over pronator should be combined between the midsole cushioning and good support.


If you tend to use the shoe for the racing purpose or just you are the biomechanically effective for the training, the shoes should be range from 250 to 300-gram weight as they are basically narrower and lighter compared to other running shoes.

Some Mistake When Choosing The Running Shoes

Focusing On The Look

Some runner may put too much attention on the fashion, therefore, we should steer and try people take away from that. Basically, when they choose the shoe, which looks cool, they may get rid of the shoe or make some complaint about this quality. You should keep in your mind that the feel and fit must be the priority when shopping this product, not the fashion.

Ignore The Advice Of The Dealer

When you are willing to pay, please ask whether there exists any discount for the member of running club, for instance. Most special stores may provide the sale from 15-30% for the local track club.

Purchasing The Too Small Shoes

When you choose the tight shoes, it may lead to blisters and black toenails or something like that. As one thing worth mentioning is that you should purchase the shoe at the end of the day instead of the morning. Your feet may begin to swell in the morning but they do not stop until 5p.m