Fishing now is one of the most relaxing outdoor activities that lots of people enjoy. To choose the one that meets all we need for a perfect fishing trip, we have to start with the basics 3 below: experience, favorite fishing methods and which kind of fish we tend to fish. Then, you will have many options of the types of fishing rods as follows: Type of rod, the length and severity of rod, type of bait and wire, curvature of rod, type of rod hand, and type of rod ring. There is someone who is still confusing to choose parts of the fishing rod such as best spinning reel. This article will help deal with that.

In general, there are two types of rod: rod for the bait casting and rod for spinning, which kinds of rod you choose to buy will depend on how you use the machine according to your rod.


Vertical rods

The length and severity of the rod will depend on the type of fish you want to fish and often larger fish need long sweep.

The curvature and plasticizer of the rod should be appropriately designed for the cast and the fish. It also involves priming and traction of the machine you use. Most manufacturers use the following as standard: light (UL), light (L), medium heavy (MH), or heavy (H) to determine the required curvature of the rod. If fish is small, we need a rod having high plasticizer, more flexible.

– The materials for the rod produce: Most fishing rods are now made of graphite or fiberglass or combination of the two things. Graphite, over the years of being refined graphite has been lighter, more flexible that make us feel the sensitive applications of the rod. This material is hard enough to goose and big fish; Fiberglass: fiberglass is more durable than graphite, but lacks sensitivity and heavier weight applications; Compound (graphite and fiberglass): this new compound gives the beauties and its best, the strength of glass fibers plus light sensitivity, curvature of the flexible graphite.


How to select the tool for beginners?

The pleasures of fishing make the majority of people enjoy and the natural conditions are necessary to facilitate the release fishing, but for people just enter the job is so effective is the problem that some people are concerning. The selected note on the new tool will help set the fishing rod after your fishing trip more efficiently.

First is the rod: it should be the hand-used one that we can buy at any store, from 3.50 to 5.00 long and 6.00 m. Rod is usually made of fiberglass or carbon powder. The rod is made of fiberglass sometimes is double or 3 times heavier than to do with the carbon material, this kind need quite endurable, rarely damaged, broken, in any malpractice.

Next, we talk about the buoy: anglers often use a body floats like a carrot, stick pins, or some bigger than the toothpick. And the head with reflective paint is the part out of the water. Stick is the other leg, right below the water surface. To balance buoys, you should remember that after the people have had hooks on longlines, then you have more grip on the lead, and clamp in the wire between the float and the hook.

Rackets fish: fish racket works to help people fish in the case of force majeure as heavy fishing or fishing getting stuck. This is also the accessories that come rods that anglers need attention. These comments with anglers on the instruments regarded as sufficient for an effective fishing trip.

The problem anglers should also note here that the time for fishing. Fishing should be carried out in the early morning or evening which is the time when many fish are feeding, as well as selecting the most ponds, lakes and calm rivers, many algae, to attract many fish.

With the experience of how to choose a tool for novice sentence, anglers hope accumulate for themselves more knowledge pocket for each trip sentence. We wish anglers have happy time, interesting and useful fishing trip alongside the friends and loved ones!