The selection of a good product in a natural whitening safe and effective in the long term is not a simple thing, especially in the summer, the uses often use scandals.

This means that your foot, especially the heel will appear, the lumpy heels, cracked, calloused and rough will make you lose confidence when meeting each other. In this article, the author will analyze some key tips about how to choose the best shoes for nurses. You will definitely get the effective way in taking care of your foot.

Some Case For Using The Foot Care

Chink Heel

The cracked heels or feet not only make you lose confidence, but also cause a lot of stress, pain when moving. In this case, use Foot care in combination with skin care products will help you get “Lotus heels” as your dream.

Dead Skin

These aging cells on the surface of dead skin is the main cause of skin color of dark dull, rough textured, clogged pores, leading to acne or skin damage. Therefore, use Foot care for foot exfoliation will make your skin moisture, which helps the skin become softer.

Calloused Heel

It takes for granted that the feet are place exposed to the pressure of the whole body, as well as contact, friction with the external environment, therefore, it may increase feet thick, rough and become ugly. With Foot care, the stubborn thick skin will be completely removed after one-time used only, which brings your legs skin soft as ever.

Spa At Home

Needless costly out millions for each Spa, you can take care of at home with foot care, which is very simple to use and economical. There is no need to spend hours each day, using the monthly or weekly, with Foot care, you just spent 90 minutes of use, and use 1 time 1-2 months, you’ve got beautiful bright feet, smooth as your baby’s skin.

Some Natural Masks For Foot Care

Sea salt

The rough sea salt particle is a valuable foot care remedy. Dissolve two teaspoons of sea salt in two liters of cold water to soak the feet.

You can use the large boulders, and then smooth gently massage from the knee down to the ankle, along the back and the soles of the feet to exfoliate and purify toxins or rub the legs and toes together.

Salt water also helps to soften calluses and foot with disinfectant if the heel fissures. After 20 minutes, wipe dry feet and apply a moisturizer.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains many vitamins and nutrients to soften the skin and great skin nourishment. In the dry season, apply a thin layer of olive oil mask on the skin, take the leg warmers for 10 minutes, it will give your skin silky soft and smooth.


Chrysanthemum has antiseptic property highly recommended if your feet have the scratches, then squeeze daisy petals to drop on warm water and soak feet for 15 minutes to sterilize wounds and soften calluses foot .


Honey Mask has perfectly moisturizing effect for foot skin. Honey mask helps to exfoliate the dead cells, and make clean and bright skin. Spread a layer of honey on the skin feet about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Perform once a week will give you a soft and rosy skin.


As disinfectant in lemons is the perfect agent to lighten the skin and pasteurize in the rough calluses in the elbows, ankles, heels. Lemon also helps clean white nails and soften the edges to trim excess flesh between slim nail to mold.

Masks Mixture

Grind orange puree, tomatoes, strawberries mixed with honey and yogurt, you will have a mixture mask, which can offer minerals and vitamins necessary for skin feet. Apply this mixture on the calf, ankle, heel lotus, pink fingers foot deodorizer will also help stimulate blood circulation, skin lightening and sunscreen to feet.

For more reference, Lamont Ly, a nurse of a private hospital said that apart from these masked mentioned above, the users can make use of other naturals materials such as oatmeal or avocado mask. These masks are very simple to make.

With easy-found materials, the users just need to mix all ingredients and get the mask for leg warmers. Mask on foot and then incubate for about 30 minutes – 1 hour, then rinse with warm water. Apply 2-3 times / week, you’ll see the soft skin on the feet immediately after the first use.