Are you planning your trip, your next hiking and want to buy a backpack for storing the items needed? But you do not know how to buy the best backpacks for hiking to be suitable for your body? Refer to the article below to avoid mistakes when buying backpack, from which you will draw some experience in the purchase.

Trip Length And Volume Mass

The first question when shopping for hiking backpack is that how much capacity does the hiking backpack need? When it comes to hiking trips or the longer day trip, you need to buy the bigger capacity backpack.

As a general guide, there exists some trip need using the backpack as the weekend trip (1-3 nights = 35-50 liters), several days (3-5 nights = 50-80 liters), long trip (6 nights or more = 70 liters). If you’re planning a trip in the winter or spring, you should consider buying a larger backpack compared with the summer and autumn, because you have to put a warm sleeping bag.


A good quality backpack can be used for many years. Some backpack is made from fabric “bomb proof”, which is not only durable, but also lightweight, so you can hold many items. You should also choose to buy backpack with good warranty as brand Osprey for lifetime warranty, for whatever reason, they’ll fix your backpack.

Dimensions – Length Of The Body

In addition to the selection of hiking backpack with a suitable capacity, then you also need to pay attention to fit your size (small, medium, etc …). This is true even when you’re looking to buy a travel or hiking backpack for men. When it comes to buying hiking backpack, the length of the body is more important than the height.

Its body length is calculated from the first neck and shoulder to the hip, in other words, it’s the seam 2 points above and below the waist.

Here are a few instructions on how to buy hiking backpack fit yourself:

– Extra Small: In accordance with length of about 39.4 cm body

– Small: The length is from 40.7cm to 44.5cm

– Medium / Regular: The length of the body ranges from 45.72 to 49.6 cm

– Large / Tall: About above 50.1 cm.


The last thing you should consider when buying backpack is its weight. You should not buy too light-weight backpack when you carry because it will feel very loose, and the shoulder strap is also uncertain.

Guidance On Carrying Backpack Sensibly

This may sound simple, but in fact a lot of people use the wrong way or do not know how to use the backpack despite owning a good and expensive backpack, this is a waste because in fact it is not complicated, just because they do not understand as they think it is too simple, so that the user do not pay much attention to the purpose of couple of ropes on the backpack. So, it is a waste of money. Below, the author will guide you to place luggage and belongings in backpacks:

There are many ways to pack luggage when traveling with detailed tutorials on the internet, you can add the creative freedom of its own way, but here the author will suggest how to usually use to get most effective result. It is divided according to the furniture out and put in small bags backpack principle: The heavy belongings will be underlying, the lighter will be lying on, and the large items will be put outside the backpack.

To use this most effectively, you need to have a few small pockets, it is best to use dry bag, which is dedicated to travel for things like clothing, electronics, because besides outside storing the luggage, it is also waterproof, keep your gear safe despite crashing into the water. Smaller grills can use personal bags petite. Here is how to put science, the main purpose is to keep the furniture from being mixed together, easily find out, retrieve items as needed, in addition to protecting from being dirty and wet, because the small bags used for tourism usually have waterproof properties.