In the foreign countries, especially in the US, UK, as well as Japan, individuals are often attracted a lot by the softball tournament. In this outdoor sport, it is said that mastering the tips to choose the qualified bat is believed the leading factor which lead to the success of the players. As long as, readers desire to touch with the top of special tricks in order to purchase the Best Fastpitch Softball Bats, please get around our post below.

The Bat Materials

Long times ago, most of the bats are made from the wood. However, nowadays, with the support of the advanced technology, the material to make the bat become more and more variable with the aim of meeting the high demand from the players. Actually, there are three types of bat materials on the market as below:


With the lighter eight than the wood components, the aluminum is thought to be enhancing the speed of the ball a lot during the match without taking so much power for holding from the players. In addition, this type is very durable as well as convenient to perform in all types of weather condition. With an aluminum bat, the players can freely to push the strong force ball hitting without worrying about the cracking as well as breaking. In spite of being sold with the quite expensive price, this is still the most bestselling material on the market at the moment.

The Graphite Or Titanium

This one owns the two leading features which any player need including the high durability along with the light design. Another point worth mentioning is that this type of material is very good at reducing the vibration level as well as the shock ball sting which can create the tingling sense for hands when the players push the ball into the net.

The Composite Material

This one also owns the similar features as the carbon fiber, which can enable to distribute the weight of the ball proportionally. It is estimated to be much more expensive than the alloy material with the good capacity for adjusting as well as absorbing the vibration of each ball pushing. In addition, the material is expected to be providing the large sweet spot along with the wide range of pop for improve the quality of the ball pushing.

The Weight Of The Bat

Selecting the weight much depends on the health along with the hitting style of the performers. It is estimated that the too heavy bat is hard to run or fly with the high speed. In addition, it also cause a plethora inconvenience for the players during the time of practicing as they need to sped a large energy for pushing it through the competitor’s defense. The best advice from the professional softball player is to select the one which is in the harmonization with the age of the players. The young generation should purchase the lighter one for fitting with their power state.

It is essential for the entire player to make the calculation so as to ensure the balance the length as well as the weight of the bats due to the fact that both of them have the great influence in deciding the physics for the swing. For example, as long as you own the long and the light bat, you can be able to swing or push the ball in a few seconds. In contrast, the short as well as heavy ball will deter considerably the speed along with the direction of the ball.

The Type Of Bat

In general, the bats are classified based on two main types including the one piece as well as the two piece bat. Each type owns the certain features so base on the personal preference, the players can be able to choose the different one. For example, the one piece bat is not good for controlling the vibration while the seconds seems to be much more favorable due to the fact that it can be able to reduce the level of vibrating for the ball hitting. However, both of types are end loaded, which means that the weight of the swing is extremely heavy. While the one piece bat is beneficial for the contact hitters, the second one is most favored and valuable for those power hitters.