Unlike the usual hat, a helmet with more classes can not wash regularly and thus, only when the outer shell of the helmet is broken, then the user must spend money to buy another new hat. However, the damage inside the helmet is less known by the individuals, so recently, the company POC from Sweden has developed a line of smart helmet, for skiing athletes, which can warn the user when to replace a new hat. For the best ski helmets this winter, you can refer the knowledge in this article. It will provide some of the smartest helmet used for skiing.

Skull Orbic H.I.MIPS ski helmet

The Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS helmet uses a system of pressure sensor to measure the extent of damage caused by the collision. These effects are cumulative over time and the user will know when the helmet is not safe. Typically, the users can not detect the damage inside the helmet, so they can be able to check the quality of the lining caps by pressing the button on the back. There is also a MIPS – a system of multi-impact protection – reducing the force of impact on the brain in the event of a crash.

When the impact on the helmet exceeds recommended levels, the red light will light instead of green light, so that athletes know it is time to invest a new ski helmet.

The manager of POC, Gizmodo said that the product is expected to be on sale this summer for $ 480 USD – the price is said to be higher than the price of similar products hundreds of times. For those skiers who participate each year only once or twice, it may be too luxury investments, but in case of accident, the helmet could save the life for the users.

Thus, this is the 2nd generation of Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS Helmet. Before, it was also introduced with a deflector panel mounted on the front to reduce the injury caused when athletes encounter during practice or participate in contests.

It can be said, “the race” of helmet is gradually heating up as more and more new products are launched, which are innovative, modern to better protect our users. Two Swedish women are Haupt and Terese Alstin Anna invented the helmet, which acts like an airbag called Hovding.

When not working, the helmet is tucked inside a very neat collar. Only when the accident occurs, the helmet will be bulging, cover the head and neck around the user. The process takes place in 0.1 seconds. They are designed for people who do not want to always have to wear traditional helmet, not to mention they can crash and cause itchy hair in uncomfortable weather. This type of helmet is probably also derived from the same principle as the air bag in a car having collided. The communication between the sports of different applications in the life makes people increasingly secured physically, but absolutely safe or not, it may be depending on the level of dangerous situations they face.

The Smart Helmet Alpine For Skiing

The Australian Forcite company has manufactured smart helmet having camera FullHD, OLEDs, 3D sound, GPS and the ability to connect directly to the phone. This helmet has named Alpine. Accordingly, the users can record, make telephone communication, and check the location tracking throughout the journey. According Forcite, this kind of helmet is used for skiing in Australia, so thanks to the special function, they can share the same ski experience easier.

The front of Alpine is a camera, which enables slow-motion video with FullHD 120fps recording. This camera is also equipped with a microphone with the ability to eliminate background noise of the wind. In the dark or fog, the hat has an OLED fog lamp to ensure visibility and your safety.

Alpine is integrated the 3D sound system, which allows the team to call and receive calls without a phone in their hand. If you do not need to call, the audio system can play music from your phone through Bluetooth 4.1. In addition, this helmet can connect directly to the internet through Wi-Fi transmitter for about 50m.

Alpine is equipped with a special measuring device with motion sensors. Thanks to this sensor, the individuals can track the movement, distance, altitude and put the parameters into the phone app to save or share with friends.