Are you bored with the treadmill? If you do not find the pleasure in the gym, or simply want to cut costs, you can switch to outdoor activities. There are many ways to exercise, which still do not lose the fun as walking, jogging or hiking.

The outdoor activities not only throw your boredom away, but also help you defeat stresses. The sunshine and the fresh air will improve your mood, and you will become an outdoor fitness addicts. However, when practicing outdoor sports, you need to consider a few rules as below.

Start The Right Way

It is important to start 5-10 minutes before beginning the exercise. If you are going to exercise in cold weather, you should start at least 20 minutes. Men should wear a shirt while jogging.

If having excessive exposure to radiation of ultraviolet rays, it can increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Therefore, use sunscreen and antiperspirants with SPF 15 or higher and apply it every two hours of outdoor exercise. And remember to wear a hat.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

You should wear clothes made of fabric hygroscopic. Use sunglasses if it gets too sunny outside. In winter, sometimes, you also need to protect yourself from glass glare when it snows.

Keeping Your Body Hydrated

You should carry a water bottle and drink regularly. In addition, you should always stretch the body when finishing in which you need to stretch your body at least half a minute.

One thing worth mentioning is that you never stretch when muscles are cold. It should practice early in the morning or later in the evening.

Good Fostering

If you want to have a lot of energy, it requires getting various nutrition. Consider eating as a pleasure. Note: Milk is good for bones and teeth; meat, fish, eggs and vegetables provide essential proteins. It is believed that the steadily will bring the success. In addition, breakfast is extremely important in the day. Do not hesitate to get up early a little bit prepared for this meal.

You should also note some more important golden rule as follow to get the best performance when exercising outdoor activities.

– Do not forget to drink: Your body is 80% water, every day you should spend at least 2,5 liters water to drink. In the majority of food is also water. Thus, you still have to drink 1.5 liters of water / day despite not thirsty. Sweating is considered to cool the body. Avoid carbonated drinks.

– Sleep well: Sleep helps you recharge energy. For children, sleep at night is very useful for playing outdoor activities as well as the growing up process. Long and deep sleep lasts 9 hours.

– Protect your body by practicing sports: Make exercise regularly throughout the year. You should choose one favorite sport, which is fun to be in practice. Thus, you will work better and responsive body. Do not to interrupt the process of training for a long time because it will cause your body to dull and prone to the symptoms of muscle pain.