There is no doubt that when choosing the longboard, the first and foremost concern is to ask yourself what type of riding do you use? With whatever answers, there is also a longboard in the store to fit you. Unlike other skateboard, the longboard comes to the variety of shapes, sizes, stiffness, concave style, and camber profile. To help you purchase the cheap longboards under 10, the author will give some basic guide for you to come up with the deck longboard to suit your demands and in your budget.

Atom Drop-Through Longboard

This Atom board may not need to be introduced. This type of longboard is one of the strongest contenders under the race of the high-quality longboard. It goes with a maple deck of 42 inches, which seems to look stylish. Besides, it also owns the high stability, which makes it perfect for riding in the downhill or even the free cruising. The exclusive longboard with perimeter-shaped and 81S grip tape will provide you 9.5’’ leverage when you do some turns. Moreover, it can make sure not to wheel bite. It can promise the best performance thanks to the ABEC 9 bearings, 40o Reverse King trucks, Wide-lip 65×50 SHR urethane wheels, and 254mm axles. Therefore, you are completely able to get the enjoyable time to ride it. Even, it may offer the super smooth riding. Just simply push your effort and it will leave everything back.

Atom Drop Deck Long Board

The maple wood Atom Drop Deck Long board is considered as one of the best longboards for riding in the downhill and cruising purpose. With the dimension of 9.6 inches in width, 41 inches in length, and 4.7 inches in height, it would be a low deck. This style can lower the gravity center, and then increase the balance and stability while in the downhill ride. Thanks to the RKP truck with ABEC 9 bearings, 70×50 Wide-Lip SHR urethane wheels, 245 mm axles, it will be surely gorgeous longboard to amazingly perform. It is made to protect from wheel bite, and be a perfect item for the cruising, carving, and downhill ride. Whether you are a profession rider or just a beginner, you will absolutely enjoy riding this type.

Drop-Thru Sector 9 Bamboo Downhill Longboard

This drop-thru Sector 9 Bamboo downhill longboard is made with 5 plies renewable bamboo as well as camber mold along with the tape grip. It can be able to absorb all the rocks and cracks. The length is 24 inches, along with the great wheelbase of 31’’. It also gets a sturdy construction of 10’’ Gulling Charger trucks, which is pretty stable, easy to control and very safe. In other short words, you can use this kind of longboard it considered as a dream.

Santa Cruz Drop-Thru Deck Longboard

This kind of longboard is a fabulous longboard of 40 inches, which can mesmerize anyone with its grip tape called Rasta striped and top notch achievement. There is no doubt that it stands in the list of the best longboards. All the parts of this item are produced by Santa Cruz with the ABEC 9 bearings and tape of grip. It owns 76mm 75a wheels and 185 trucks to suit different environment of riding. Whether you are riding freely, downhill riding or cruising, even carving, it would be extremely useful thanks to being stable and effortless for riding for many years.

Arbor Timeless Deck Longboard

This Arbor Timeless Deck longboard should be a great option for those who just step into the environment of this adventurous sport- longboarding. Thanks to ability to save fuel, it can provide your vehicle a break and ride for a long time. This Maplewood longboard can be considered as the best longboard when you use it for the basic cruising, carving, and commuting. Despite the fact that its look seems to traditional with a basic pintail shape, it can call for the larger stand to help your feet rest. With a lot of useful features, the users can overlook easily its average flex and it may be a sturdy longboard with the low gravity center. No matter what your level is, it will provide you a super smooth and stable riding.