It takes for granted that golf has become more and more common in people life, especially the rich. To play it well, you need to carefully prepare the golf gear in which the golf club is one of the most important parts we need to take into account. Among the Best golf clubs for beginners 2016, Clone golf club is considered as the best golf clubs for beginners thanks to its design and functionality to help the golfers get the better performance. In this article, the author will give the overall information of this item for your reference.

The Tendency Of Using Clone Club

Some time, many golfers are afraid or have little confidence when thinking of buying Clone golf clubs. Or equated Clone club with the kind of original copy of the famous brand.

Generally, clone club is kind of sticks to be recognized and does not violate any principles about the specified goods. In the mid 80s of last century, IBM PC is a brand, which is well known and quite popular. Just then, there have a lot of club brand such as IBM – Compatible PC with cheap price appearing on the market, providing customers with more choices on the PC with almost same quality as IBM PC. So, you can understand IBM – Compatible PC segment is cheap line to provide for more mass market. Similarly, when you buy a Clone club sticks, it is nearly similar as you buy an IBM – compatible. Clone club also has a specific technical nature of the big brands, but its price is very agreeable to the majority of people who want to play golf but want to save money.

Quality And Value Of Clone Club

To understand the features of the set of golf clubs, firstly we have to look at the clubs there.

A golf club is composed of three main components including personnel sticks, the shaft, and clubhead. The golf club factory of big brand usually does not produce all the components of a club but they subscribe or to order them at the manufacturer and different suppliers. In the golf industry, there is only a few factory specializing in manufacturing and supplying of components to make up a golf club. Thus, most of the club brand (including the Clone club factory) will buy these components in the supply of similar and even the rolling shaft.

Only one difference is in the clubhead. The big brands usually spend huge investments for laboratories and technical experts and designers of its clubhead. But, the brand of Clone club will be based on the design of the clubhead and redesign the company, so that it looks similar, but the design must ensure it does not violate copyright. For example, the clubhead can be designed smaller with the accents, colors, open the club, of course this difference is very small.

In summary, regarding the nature, Clone club is made from the same material and is designed, applied production technology derived from the well-known club brand. This explains the reason why Clone club has technical feature and looks very similar characteristics in terms of style, sense of style and like the products of famous brands. In fact, the difference is extremely difficult to identify, even this makes you feel almost the same genuine club when the ball hit the bat.

Why Is Clone Club Cheaper?

The major brands such as Titleist, Nike, Callaway, Ping take a lot of cost for the design and production of their products; they also have to spend a huge sum for the promotion of products on TV, golf tournaments, and golf magazines.

But this cost would be calculated into the final cost of the product and the person is subject to the consumer. In other words, the brand of Clone club is not for costs for the sewn on and the costs of advertising that they sell directly to customers via the Internet. In this way, the price of their products will be cheaper from 50 -75% of the other brands.

With very cheap rates, but it is very suitable for beginners, who want to save costs. Or who first start playing, but there is no certain sure that it will continue to play in the future, so take into account choosing wise investment.

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