If you want to challenge yourself, to experience thrills, jut come to the mountain bike sports. The hills, the valley will test your courage as well as your own limits. Along with that is a great feeling when climbing through the mountains, full of cobblestone streets. But, to accomplish this task, firstly you need to prepare yourself a dedicated mountain bike, which is designed and constructed specifically to conquer different types of terrain. In this article, the author will list the Best mountain bike under 1000 dollars with outstanding features for your reference.

Some Note When Using The Mountain Bike

– Test with similar terrain to experience conditions and get experience.

– Inspect the quality of bicycles at least a few weeks before the trip not to lose time to fix.

– Make sure the bike is fully fit and appropriate. Take a bike less intense set in a long time will make your leg problem and take a long time to recover.

–  Start using supplements and energy supplements before and during training to help your body to become accustomed to them. Do not suddenly start using a new product on the first day because the body cannot adjust and can have bad reactions.

–  Organize a great support team to help you get ready; timely encouragement will help you recover at the end of the trip.

–  Waking up early and start slowly to warm up the body and check the legs before departure.

–  Make sure you know all the turns in the road bends and does not depend on their predecessors to know how to turn passage.

As when you master some simple rule of mountain bike, refer to some product, which may satisfy your needs and purpose.

FASTYLE Mountain Bike


– Strong aluminum frame with the luxurious design.

– Having the suspension and stainless fork rust

– Strong and smooth speed generator 24

– In front and rear bolids disk brakes

MINGDI 26 Mountain Bike


– Frames: aluminum frame

– Frame: Steel Alloy 15 ”

– Front shock absorbers, anti-rust

– Brakes: 2 disc brake systems before and after

– Genuine hand threads

– 21 motion sets of threads (3 discs * 7 Phil)

– Rim: Aluminum Alloy 26 * 1.95

Red Giant Mountain Bike


– Toughened steel frame

– Suntour XCM suspension system

– 21 Speed set of threats, which is strong and quiet

– Disc brakes front and rear of the bike

– Ring: Giant 26 inch

– Tire: Chengshin 26 × 1.90

Treck Mountain Bike


-Type Frame: iron

-Front Forks

– Brakes: 2 discus system before and after the bike, which has safety

-Reduced Front suspension, anti- rust

Global 26 Mountain Bike


– High-grade steel stainless alloy frame, high-grade powder coating

– Ring: Aluminum Alloy 2 coatings

-Reduced Front suspension: The indented sure, smooth operation.

– Saiguan 21 number generator (3 front + 7 rear Phil )

Tire: Excellent 26 * 1.95

Fastyle Mountain Bike


– Steel alloy frame

– Shimano Altus 27 Speed motion unit

– Mechanical brake discs

-Reduced suspension with FS oil, which has indented keys

Mingdi Mountain Bike


-Type Frames: iron frames

– Frame: steel alloy 15 ”

-Reduced Front suspension, anti- rust

-Hand Genuine

– Ring: Aluminum Alloy 26 * 1.95

24 And 26 “Frames Ranked Mountain Bike


-Aluminum frame

– The front fork made by Steel front and can flex slightly

– The lock is made of aluminum

Shielding mud (fenders) plastic

– Shell (tires), intestines (ginseng) Kenda

– Aluminum Brake arm

-Lip 7, forks 3

– Aluminum plate detection

– Aluminum pedal

HXD 26 Inch Mountain Bike.


– Steel alloy frame

– Shimano Tourney 21 Speed motion unit

– Disc brakes HXD

– Reduce the front suspension HXD

– Bearing bushing

– Shimano TZ front and rear generator unit, Tourney, 21 speeds

– 26-inch aluminum ring

– SHIMANO transmission system

– Aluminum plate

– 26 * 1.95 tire.

BMX 20 “, Plastic Fenders.


– High tensile steel frame sizes above 2 ”

– F-shaped shielding chain, 1pcs Crack

– Alloy rim with the stainless spokes