3 Tips For Interviewing A Family Member For A Class Project

In many classes, there may come a time where you need to interview someone. While this might be someone who’s a professional in their field, you may also get a chance to interview someone like a family member, especially someone older who may have a lot of experience with something that you’re learning in class.

As you prepare for an interview like this, here are three tips for interviewing a family member for a class project. 

Consider Doing The Interview In A Few Different Sittings

Once you’ve decided who you want to interview for your class project, you’ll need to communicate with them so that you can actually speak together.

While you might be able to get your interviewing done in one sitting with some people, you may want to split up your interview into a few different days for some family members. Especially if you’re going to be interviewing someone living in a senior living community, they may not have the strength or stamina to speak to you as much as you need in like one go of it. But if you’re able to interview them for short times over a few different days, this may prove to be more beneficial for everyone. 

Ask About Making A Recording

As you’re getting ready for your interview or interviews, something that you might want to consider is asking your interview subject if you can record your sessions when speaking to each other.

While you can and should take notes about what your family member says during your interviews, recording either with audio or video can often prove to be a better way to stay present in the conversation and then go back and use the answers to their questions for your class project later on. However, your family members might not be comfortable with this, so make sure you approve any recording with them before you do the actual recording. 

Come With Questions, But Be Flexible

To get the quotes, information, or sound bites that you’re wanting for your class project, you’ll need to make sure that you’re asking the right questions during your interview. Ideally, you should ask open-ended questions that will get your family member talking about what you’re asking them rather than just answering with a yes or no. 

As you’re having your conversation, keep in mind that you should allow yourself to be flexible with your questions based on things like how you think your family member is feeling, how they’ve answered previous questions, things like pique your interest, and more. 

If you have a class project where you need to interview a family member for the task, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you go about this successfully. 

Who Is a Good Mentor?

Good mentors are passionate people who enjoy their role in helping others achieve their goals.  A good teacher has many qualities.  When considering a mentor, look for someone who is passionate, well-fit, respected by others, and respected in their field.

When you are looking for a mentor, you should pay attention to a very important aspect of the personality of the potential mentor.  They need to be enthusiastic; almost to the point of being enthusiastic.

You should feel their sincerity as they offer their willingness to help you. Good leaders, like Jonathan Ullmer, are not passionate about helping others and seeking their rewards in the form of material goods or money, but by observing people they have helped them to succeed.

    Who IS A Good Mentor

  1. A mentor should fit you

When you are shopping for a mentor, you may have several people to choose from.  It can be like buying a shirt.  If you find a style of your choice, the one that fits may be in the middle of the pile or the last one you see.

  • Mentors value learning

   Good teachers are lifelong learners and they should convey this desire to everyone they contact. They should realize that despite being experts, they cannot know everything.

  • Guardians encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

   Everyone has an area where they work and live.  They are intuitive and able to excel in this field. This is called a comfort zone.

  • They are active listeners

   A mentor should be able to hear what you are saying.  They should engage in conversation, you should point out explanations or more information.

  • Patrons know how to comment.

   Everyone can benefit from the feedback.  Even the most skilled and conscientious person is a novice in something that needs feedback to continue developing their new skills. Feedback is essential for improvement. A mentor should set long-term goals and short-term goals with you so that you can become the expert you want to be.

  • They treat others with respect.

 Respect for others is not limited to guardians, it should be on your own list of needs. Guardians need to know how to be tactful in their interactions and be emotionally intelligent.


Choosing a mentor does not have to be as stressful or complicated as it may seem.  Find something that suits you and work to make it a rewarding experience.  Not only will you become the best version of yourself, but you will also find lifelong friends and supporters in the process.

Advantages of Leaning Digital Marketing from an agency

There is a vast demand for individuals who have the talent for digital marketing, and there is no denying the fact as some of the most prominent companies on the planet are advertisement centric. Digital marketing is being used by almost every company to boost productivity and growth. So naturally, the need for individuals is rising by leaps and bounds.

You learn from the best.

Agencies recruit the best of faculties who have vast experience of the field and are able to guide you through the baffling world of digital marketing. Don’t get me wrong it is not difficult but having a digital agency teaches you in more efficient ways. Off course you could learn from free platforms, but what is the guarantee that what you are learning is legitimate and do you even know the source of information being imparted to you? You are privy to a lot of insider information that the experienced faculty can offer you.

You are more Efficient.

When you are under the guidance of some of the best in the game, you gain a lot of insight into how things work in the real world. Instead of having to do all the R&D and use up precious time, you would learn from people who have already been in your shoes and tell you the most efficient ways to build a career.  Self-learning can be overwhelming as you have no idea where to begin and when to end.

A certified degree.

Once you make it through to the end of the session, you become certified personnel and increase your chances of getting hired by major players in the game. A degree in hand increases the job opportunities and your credibility as you have a proof for the skill that you have acquired.

No stones are left unturned.

When you go to an agency to take the course, they have planned courses that teach you everything from the basics to the most advanced and the most recent development in the field. It is a necessary requirement as one may not have any idea of the needs of industry and might fall short of a particular requirement when the time comes.

Live projects.

Arguably the biggest benefit of not going to an agency is that you get an opportunity to work on live projects which would be quite difficult if you are doing it on your own.

What is the Importance of Premed degree?

Premed courses form a strong foundation for students hence enabling them to handle technical situations that await them in the MD program. Premed degree Kansas City is designed for college students and high school graduates with less than ninety credit hours and wish to be admitted to a medical school but do not meet the requirements of the Medical program.

What exactly is a Pre Med Degree?

In other words, Premed degree Kansas City is the course students take to prepare them to join medical classes. So, anyone taking a premed degree course has intentions to become a doctor. Such a person can specialize in biology major, pre-med, as well as a Spanish major.

Premed students in Kansas City must indicate that they are pre-med for others to understand their career goals. It is also a way to ensure that they take the right classes to join the med school.  Besides, if a student’s advisor knows that you are majoring in biology and pre-med, they’ll help you complete all the classes needed in order to join the med school.

Furthermore, when applying for a job or volunteering positions after taking a premed degree Kansas City, the employer will know that you intend to become a doctor. As a result, they’ll assign you roles linked to the medical field.

What to Do to Join Med School?

Once a student decides to join the medical school and has not met all the requirements, they enroll for a premed degree. Most people do not enroll in medical schools since they are very competitive. Such schools only accept the best.  Let’s discuss the basic things one requires to join medical school;


 A pre-med student’s primary responsibility is to ensure that they complete prerequisite coursework needed to join the med school. However, every medical school has different requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to do background research to establish the requirements of your selected medical school.  Generally, med schools expect students to complete the classes below;

·         Must complete biology with lab for one year

·         Study general chemistry with lab for one year

·         Complete organic chemistry with lab for one year  

·         Must study biochemistry for at least one semester

·         There is a math requirement.

·         Physics with lab for one year

·         English-one year.

The above are the bare minimum requirements to enroll in med school. But due to the competitiveness of med schools, students should not only be satisfied with the only bare minimum. One has to put more effort to stand out from the crowd. To enter med school with a solid foundation, one ought to enroll for a premed degree in Kansas. That way, one will have extensive knowledge of several subjects.

Furthermore, premed students must be ready to learn several science lessons every semester. That’s the only way they can be fully equipped to join the med school. One can take other classes such as ethics, psychology, writing classes, sociology, microbiology, public health, foreign language classes, and genetics, to mention but a few.

Test Scores

Pre-meds take the MCAT exam. The MCAT score is sent to med schools to prove your prowess in different health-related areas. The test takes about 7.5 hours to complete, and it covers only four sections. Start your premed degree Kansas City now to get the necessary qualifications to become a med student. 

Best Companies to get loans for small businesses

If you are looking for specific loan benefits. You have to know about different investments and their advantages. Business lending service is secure than you think. For taking benefits of various loan facilities, you have to be careful regarding the needs of your business. Know your company well, then find out what type of funding you need for your business. Here is a description of loans that you can consider, before entering into a lending services market.

Lendio: best for small business

If you want more funding and lenders, then, this loan company is appropriate for you. They are more than a lender, provides matchmaking with the funds you require with the lenders who want to invest. The company offers you a fast application process. You have to visit the site and fill the application which takes hardly fifteen minutes. The company will search for you the required lender, who can provide you with funding.

Bluevine: cash flow loans

This company provides its customers with the three various options of funding- invoice factoring, term loans, and lines of credit. The bluevine is famous for financing through invoice factoring. The collateral makes loans easy to qualify. It is a significant benefit to have a loan with this company.

Fundwise Capitals

It offers high-speed funding for your business. The automated application is an additional advantage that you can have with this company. Lines of credit can be a bonus point. There is a process of automated application; if the algorithm, approved that request, you might get funding withing few minutes.

Kabbage: convenient

If you look for a convenient business, the kabbage is right for you. It provides you with the fast funding that you can ever think. The company follows the automated application process as the Fundbox. Though, once it approves the application,the finance, can be done within few minutes. That’s the reason this company is considered as the most convenient for the funds.

Funding circle

The company is famous for connecting you directly with the investors. It is a peer to peer lending. You will never consider yourself as a borrower here. Yet you will get funding and will be able to make monthly payments from time to time. This funding cycle will never keep you down. And it is a few alternatives that helps to make monthly payments.