Who Is a Good Mentor?

Good mentors are passionate people who enjoy their role in helping others achieve their goals.  A good teacher has many qualities.  When considering a mentor, look for someone who is passionate, well-fit, respected by others, and respected in their field.

When you are looking for a mentor, you should pay attention to a very important aspect of the personality of the potential mentor.  They need to be enthusiastic; almost to the point of being enthusiastic.

You should feel their sincerity as they offer their willingness to help you. Good leaders, like Jonathan Ullmer, are not passionate about helping others and seeking their rewards in the form of material goods or money, but by observing people they have helped them to succeed.

    Who IS A Good Mentor

  1. A mentor should fit you

When you are shopping for a mentor, you may have several people to choose from.  It can be like buying a shirt.  If you find a style of your choice, the one that fits may be in the middle of the pile or the last one you see.

  • Mentors value learning

   Good teachers are lifelong learners and they should convey this desire to everyone they contact. They should realize that despite being experts, they cannot know everything.

  • Guardians encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

   Everyone has an area where they work and live.  They are intuitive and able to excel in this field. This is called a comfort zone.

  • They are active listeners

   A mentor should be able to hear what you are saying.  They should engage in conversation, you should point out explanations or more information.

  • Patrons know how to comment.

   Everyone can benefit from the feedback.  Even the most skilled and conscientious person is a novice in something that needs feedback to continue developing their new skills. Feedback is essential for improvement. A mentor should set long-term goals and short-term goals with you so that you can become the expert you want to be.

  • They treat others with respect.

 Respect for others is not limited to guardians, it should be on your own list of needs. Guardians need to know how to be tactful in their interactions and be emotionally intelligent.


Choosing a mentor does not have to be as stressful or complicated as it may seem.  Find something that suits you and work to make it a rewarding experience.  Not only will you become the best version of yourself, but you will also find lifelong friends and supporters in the process.